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Two New Beretta Shotguns Add Class and Utility to Lineup [PICS]


Take a glance at these two new Beretta shotguns, the A400 Xplor Action and 486 Parallelo.

Since 1526, Beretta has manufactured some of the world’s most iconic firearms. These two new shotguns from Beretta showcase modern technology and classic design.

A400 Xplor Action 28-gauge


Beretta might have missed the mark when naming this shotgun. Everyone who participated in the company’s testing was excited about this gun, therefore “Excite” would have been a more applicable name. The 28-gauge gas-operated semi-auto that was reviewed features a bronze-colored receiver and comes with five choke tubes in a hard polymer case. At less than 6 pounds, it is a very lightweight shotgun, but the weight is evenly disbursed to make the gun balance well.

The stock is a nicely figured dark-colored wood and the fore-end has modern stylistic accents that give it a unique look. This gun patterned true to the respective chokes and functioned flawlessly for the 500 rounds fired during testing, which included two different types of ammunition.


One interesting thing to point out is the position and shape of the safety. The safety is a triangular-shaped plastic button in front of the trigger guard. Test shooters reported that is was “a hoot to shoot,” “lightweight, low recoil, looks great, nothing more to ask for,” and “this gun makes shooting a whole new level of fun.”

The A400 Xplor Action 28-guage from Beretta retails for $1,550.

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486 Parallelo 12-gauge


The Beretta 486 Parallelo is the new side-by-side shotgun in the lineup. The 12-gauge test gun features a round action, 3-inch chambers with 28-inch barrels, and a well figured pistol grip stock. It is also available with a straight grip. The gun comes with an assortment of Optima choke tubes in a hard plastic case.

On the inside, Beretta used some traditional techniques combined with modern technologies that include heavy leaf springs and a Triblock barrel that eliminates visible seams. At just more than seven pounds, this is not a lightweight gun, but it did balance well in testing and was very controllable for target shooting.


Test shooters said it was “a very traditional looking shotgun, classy appearance,” and that the gun had a “very nice trigger pull and powerful ejectors” and was an “heirloom-quality shotgun with a reasonable price tag.”

The MSRP on this gun is $5,350.

Two new shotguns, two new things to add to your own personal wish list.

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Two New Beretta Shotguns Add Class and Utility to Lineup [PICS]