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New at ATA Show 2016: Buck Paint, the Innovative Deer Attractant and Yardage Marker

buck paint
All Photos By Alex Burton

Buck Paint will not only allow you to mark distances from your stand, but also help attract deer with various scents. 

A new company under the name of Buck Paint is breaking into the whitetail attractant game. The company isn't providing just any old ordinary attractant though, it also doubles as a yardage marker.

I stumbled across this new product during the opening day of the 2016 ATA show. I was just cutting through when I noticed one of the guys in the booth spray painting a piece of wood. As I awaited the smell of paint fumes to fill the air, I was thrown off by the smell of apples hitting me instead.

I had to stop in and see what this was all about. I made my way over and spoke to Bud Fisher, co-founder and president of Buck Paint.


Fisher and his partner developed the Buck Paint to help cut down on the amount of movement bowhunters use with range finders before taking their shot. With their special paint, you can mark various distances around you before climbing into your stand, with the added benefit of attracting deer straight to the spots you spray it.

Buck Paint comes in five different attractants: apple, acorn, persimmon, synthetic buck, and synthetic doe estrus.

Judging by the promotional video of Fisher using it himself on a hunt, the scents seem to work extremely well. He sprayed small dots of it along a fallen tree before painting a big old "20" yard marker on a tree. A doe literally followed the smell of the apple scented markers all the way to the 20 mark, and stayed planted while he took his shot. She never had a chance.

One of the things I like the most about their product is it isn't permanent. I was told the paint will generally fade away within 24 hours. Everything used in creating the paint is all natural as well, so it won't damage trees or other plant life either.

Their product isn't commercially available yet as they are awaiting their patent's approval, but they plan for it to be on the market very soon. It is estimated to retail for around $19.99 per can.

You can follow Buck Paint via their FaceBookTwitter, or Instagram pages to keep an eye out for when you can run down to your local sporting goods store and pick some up for yourself.

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New at ATA Show 2016: Buck Paint, the Innovative Deer Attractant and Yardage Marker