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New at the ATA 2015: The Parker Enforcer Crossbow [VIDEO]

Brad Smith

I picked up a lot of crossbows at the ATA 2015, but the Parker Enforcer really stood out.

I walked past the Parker booth several times before I finally made my way in to check out the much talked about Enforcer crossbow. It wasn’t because the Enforcer wasn’t high on my list, actually, quite the opposite. I was waiting on the crowd to go away so I could actually get in!

When the time was right, I squeezed in the side and was greeted by Phil Rabb, a regional sales manager with Parker. Immediately we went to the display showcasing the brand new Enforcer, and Phil handed it right to me. I was pretty surprised by how light it was right away. I’m used to heavy crossbows. Coming in at only seven pounds, the Parker Enforcer breaks that pattern well.

“This bow comes with RealTree camo, a split limb front end, standard with string suppressors, and shoots 315 per second,” said Rabb as he handed the crossbow off to another rep from Parker so he could show it to a group that gathered in the booth hoping to see what the hype was all about. “As with every Parker crossbow, it has an anti dry fire mechanism, meaning that you have to have an arrow in it before it will engage.”

Here’s a video directly from the Parker Bow’s Facebook page showing the Enforcer being fired.

How is this crossbow different from your others? What makes this new for 2015?

“Well, the Enforcer is a remake of a crossbow we have had in the past. It had a solid limb system and only shot 305 feet per second,” Rabb said as he was handed back the crossbow. “It has been upgraded completely to the split end front end, which gave it the 315 feet per second. This bow also balances with one hand, like all Parker bows should do.”

“All of our bow speeds are achieved with our 400 gram arrows that come with the bow. We do not cut down arrows to increase speed. The 315 feet per second is what you are going to shoot,” Rabb continued.

Okay. Why should I buy the Parker Enforcer over all these other crossbows here? 

“Parkers are made in United States. There are no foreign-made parts shipped in,” Rabb proudly exclaimed. “We handle every aspect of this bow. It is 100% U.S. made. There is also a five year warranty, with the exception of strings and cables.”

“We also feature a capture nock system. This shows full engagement over the string. This eliminates any possibility the sting jumps the arrow,” Rabb said as he showed me the section where the arrow would rest.

Here’s the real question. You see the biggest buck of your life walk out. How far would you take a shot with this crossbow?

“Biggest buck? I would feel comfortable 50 yards and in,” Rabb said with a grin. “Double pass through. No doubt.”

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New at the ATA 2015: The Parker Enforcer Crossbow [VIDEO]