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New AR Pistol Brace: The Shockwave Blade [VIDEO]

The Sig brace now has competition! Cheaper, lighter, and smaller, the new Shockwave Blade might be a better option for an AR pistol brace.

The Blade only weighs five ounces and is designed to strap to and brace against the user’s forearm to steady the pistol.

Retail price is around 50 bucks.

The AR pistol brace is a hot market, much like everything else surrounding the AR15 platform.

Like the Sig brace, this one is also ATF approved. But be sure to AVOID shouldering the Blade, as that act turns the AR pistol into a short-barreled rifle, which would then be subject to the National Firearms Act, and would require additional permits and regulation.

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New AR Pistol Brace: The Shockwave Blade [VIDEO]