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New App Helps Identify Plants and Animals [PICS]

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This is one of the coolest apps for those who love the outdoors. Actually, you don’t even have to love the outdoors to appreciate it!

Ever wonder what type of bird that is sitting outside your window? Curious if that plant you rubbed against when you were hiking is going to irritate your skin? This new app, called Map of Life, will help you identify both.

Map of Life helps users identify plants and animals in the surrounding area. Developed by associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Yale University Walter Jetz, Map of Life puts knowledge of the natural world at our fingertips.

“This vast information, personalized for where we are, can change the way we identify and learn about the things we see when traveling, hiking in the woods, or stepping in our own back yard,” Jetz said.

Users can view species by range on a map, or select a specific location and filter by group to see what lives nearby. It not only provides a list of the various species, it shows a picture of each one for reference.

You can even create lists of what you see and add it to the database. It’s like having your own personal field guide that is constantly learning new information.

The project’s co-leader, Rob Guralnick, hopes that Map of Life will “accelerate our ability to completely close the many gaps in our biodiversity knowledge.”


Map of Life is available for both iPhone and Android, and can also be accessed on your computer.

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New App Helps Identify Plants and Animals [PICS]