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Walter Palmer Faces Allegations of Chasing Deer with a Motor Vehicle in Minnesota

There are new allegations about illegal hunting activities for the Minnesota dentist who shot Cecil the lion.

Walter Palmer continues to see his name in headlines, and not for good reasons.

The Minnesota dentist who became the target of worldwide anger and an investigation back in July for the killing of a well-known lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe is now under investigation by wildlife officials in Clay County, Minnesota.

This past weekend was the firearms opener for whitetail deer in Minnesota. The Valley News Live reported that a woman in Barnesville, Minnesota, who hunts land adjacent to a property owned by Palmer, claims someone was chasing deer in pickup trucks, keeping them from crossing property lines.

Leah Thompson said two pickups drove back and forth "20 to 30 times" over the course of the weekend. She photographed the alleged offending vehicles and said several deer were turned away from the property she was hunting. Thompson believes the actions of the drivers were intentional.

"He wasn't driving, when you're driving in a gravel road you're moving, you're going to where you need to go. He just slowed way up and the next thing I know the deer turned around and back into his field," Thompson told Valley News Live.

The station was able to confirm the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is investigating complaints on the property, but was unable to reach Palmer for comment.

Thompson, meanwhile, told the station this was an ongoing problem. It wasn't the first time she and others have complained and accused Palmer of harassing deer in the area. Chasing deer with a motor vehicle carries a $200 fine in the state.

The accusation comes only a few months after Palmer was cleared of any wrong doing by Zimbabwean authorities in the shooting of Cecil. It was later determined Palmer's guides had illegally lured the lion out of a national park. However, there has been considerable questioning of Palmer's character in the wake of the incident.

Shortly after the shooting of the lion, it was revealed it wasn't the dentist's first run-in with the law. He was charged with a felony of lying to federal agents and was fined $3,000 for illegally shooting a black bear in Wisconsin in 2006. He had a bear tag, but not for the area the bear was shot in.

Palmer's guides later claimed Palmer knew the hunt was illegal and attempted to bribe their silence.

At the beginning of September, Palmer finally spoke to the Minneapolis Star Tribune before he returned to work at his dental practice. He maintained innocence in the incident involving Cecil.


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Walter Palmer Faces Allegations of Chasing Deer with a Motor Vehicle in Minnesota