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This is Why We Never Stop Talking About Firearm Safety [VIDEO]

We’re not going to laugh; we’re not going to poke fun. Firearm safety is for real and here’s why.

We love to buy ammo, reload shells, clean our rifles and shotguns, and then store them safely. Most of all, we love to get them out, load them up, and see what they can do in our gun-toting, little hands. When we get lazy and forget to wear our ear and eye protection: slap us in our big hard heads.

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This is the fast way to lose something precious, like your eyesight.


This is what firearm safety is all about. If this guy had any doubt about how safe that old shotgun was, he should have taken it to a gunsmith. It looks as if it burst right at the breech. Maybe he just didn’t lock it well enough after breaking the action open to load it; maybe the safety catch was no good.

It’s a little hard to tell: was that a single barrel or a double barrel? My guess was a double. Whatever it was, it needed to be retired anyway and that little episode took care of that!

Man, was that close. The only thing left in his hands was the stock.

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter what happened with this firearm, just that this guy walked away safely; albeit a little wiser.


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This is Why We Never Stop Talking About Firearm Safety [VIDEO]