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Never Interrupt Mating Tortoises! [VIDEO]


You should never interrupt any animal that is mating, especially a giant tortoise!

We have all seen animals mating at some point in our lives. It is just a part of nature and the circle of life. One thing you should never do though is interrupt mating animals, especially if it's a giant tortoise.

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While leading an expedition for National Geographic, world-renowned explorer and expert diver Paul Rose stumbled upon a pair of mating giant tortoises. Paul Rose casually stops and talks to the camera when the male gets wind of the people. He becomes irritated and decides to pursue him, leading to a very slow and funny chase.


The funniest part about this video is the determination of the tortoise to get rid of the people watching. You would think he would give up after so long, but he just keeps going. You may not think a giant tortoise as dangerous, but you their powerful jaws are capable of doing some damage.

One good note to take from all of this is the fact that those turtles are mating. The island they call home, Assumption Island, had its ecosystem destroyed in the early 1900s from guano mining. This just shows that over time, nature can rebuild and continue on.

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Never Interrupt Mating Tortoises! [VIDEO]