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Never Heard of Salient Arms International? You Have Now [PICS]

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Here is what you need to know about Salient Arms International.

 Guns & Ammo
Guns & Ammo

Salient Arms International is a machine shop that retools firearms and turns the mundane into the extraordinary. They are expert machinists with a love for firearms. Salient turns $530 Smith and Wesson M&P's into four-figure monsters that will put down almost anything else on the range.

Scroll through the pictures to see their jaw-dropping machines.

Salient Arms International Remington 870 Tier One

Facebook/Reactive Gunworks

SAI's Remington 870 Tier One is sure to impress any fan of the classic platform with their amazing bolt coating and machined parts.

Salient Arms International AR-15 Tier One

Costas Ludus

SAI doesn't let the limitations of the AR-15 platform hold them back. They completely redo it with a refinished bolt carrier group, machined edges, a trigger job, and new light-weight rail.

Salient Arms Bolt Carrier Group Tier One

Guns & Ammo

SAI refinishes all their bolt carrier groups with a Titanium Nitride coating to improve functionality in the firearm and to protect against degradation.

Salient Arms International Benelli M2 Tier One


SAI installs their own take on a feed ramp on a Benelli M2 that makes 3-gunners wish they would have through of that sooner.

Salient Arms International Glock 17 Tier One

Costas Ludus

SAI takes the Glock 17 to new heights with a new stipple job, Titanium Nitride on the barrel, new slide cuts for weight management and a new trigger that even Gatson Glock himself could not have taken the classic design.

Salient Arms Internaitonal Smith & Wesson M&P Longslide Tier Two

Costas Ludus

SAI takes the new flagship pistol of a the classic American manufacturer and turns it into something any American can be proud of with a stipple job, Titanium Nitride barrel, slide cuts for weight balancing, and a trigger kit.

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Never Heard of Salient Arms International? You Have Now [PICS]