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How Important is a Wind Checker in the Elk Woods?

Elk caller and 9-time world champion Corey Jacobsen would rather leave his calls behind than his wind checker.

According to Jacobsen, "You can get close to elk without calls. You can get close to elk without being in great shape, but you can never get close to an elk if you don't have the wind in your favor." It's for this reason that the elk hunting expert carries and uses a wind checker constantly while making his final approach on a bugling bull.

Watch the video to learn more about how the wind affects your chances of success on an archery elk hunt and how you can use the wind to stack the odds in your favor.

As Corey mentioned, a number of factors dictate wind direction at any given moment. Thermals, landscape features, and weather systems can work with or against each other to create swirling winds. By carrying and using a wind checker you have up to date information on what the wind is doing at your fingertips.

Carry a wind checker, use it often, and utilize the information it provides and you'll be hauling out pack loads of meat and antlers this fall.


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How Important is a Wind Checker in the Elk Woods?