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Never Go Cold Again: How to Make a Fire in Harsh Environments


The key to a good fire is preparation. Use these tips next time you are in need of a toasty fire.

Lighting a fire with a match or lighter can be extremely difficult. This step by step process of making a fire by Survival Lilly will help you be successful in even the harshest conditions, with or without a match.

The key to any good fire is preparation. This video shows you what it takes to get that tall flame a blazing so you will be warm and cozy in the time of need.

Takes notes, this lady knows what she is doing.

As you can see, the key element is the dry tinder.

Her style of finding tinder will work in all conditions, rain or shine, because it is coming from the center of the tree. The whole idea and the work involved may seem far fetched, but you never know, as an outdoorsman or woman, when a moment might arise when you are put in survival mode.

Hopefully you are never forced to use these tactics, but if so, we hope you are able to successfully execute them to form a great fire.

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Never Go Cold Again: How to Make a Fire in Harsh Environments