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Never Seen Before: Ram Killed with a Blow Gun on Film

Tim Wells kills a mature Ram with a heart shot by a blow gun. You read it right and it is crazy, a blow gun!

When I think of blow guns, endless attempts of sniping flies off my parents porch on hot summer days comes to mind. Hitting one from a few inches away gave you the equivalent of what winning the Super Bowl would feel like.

Harvesting a mature Ram with one though, that is something that has never been done before until now. And who else would accomplish that feat besides Tim Wells. Talk about shot placement.

Tim has made a career out of amazing instinct shots and this one is pretty impressive. Tim was waiting for pigs to walk by but was blessed with a chance at a beautiful Ram. Tim made his mark and dropped the beast with a heart shot from a blow dart.

When in Texas, you never know what might run by. Always be prepared and hopefully you have put in your hours of practice to finish the deal.

One important thing to understand is that Tim has mastered his skills with many years of practice for Relentless Pursuit. Like all types of hunting, make sure you have worked on your craft enough to have confidence in the shot.

The last thing you want to do is take ill-advised shots that might cause harm to the animal.

Tim, keep slocking!


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Never Seen Before: Ram Killed with a Blow Gun on Film