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Nevada Proposes a Ban on Trail Cameras

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The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners is discussing a restriction on all trail cameras in the state that makes it tantamount to an all out ban.

The state of Nevada’s BWC proposed regulation recently that would restrict the use of trail cameras between August 1 and December 31 for big game on any state wildlife management units and areas.

In addition to the management units and areas, trail cameras would be forbidden year-round within 200 feet of a spring, a waterhole or any other water source. This would include scouting for small or big game, wildlife watching and even trespass prevention. The ban would even apply to private land.

The U.S Sportsmen’s Alliance, an organization that in their own words says that they are an “organization that protects and defends America’s wildlife conservation programs and the pursuits – hunting, fishing and trapping”, is an active group in getting the word out about issues like these.

Luke Houghton, Sportsmen’s Alliance associate director of state services said, “Trail cameras have become a helpful tool for hunters across Nevada and the country. There must be a way to address any issues that have occurred without such as heavy handed approach as an all-out ban” Houghton also added, “It’s important for sportsmen and women to make their views known before the commission takes action on such a major restriction”

While the commission hosted a public workshop during a meeting on March 25, 2016 to take public input on the issue, the final vote on the restrictions is not expected until May.

With issues like this at hand the word needs to get out and organizations like the Sportsmen’s Alliance need your input. They and other issues they stand for can be reached or followed on their own website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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Nevada Proposes a Ban on Trail Cameras