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Neutralize Your Threats Fast with R.I.P. Ammo

The R.I.P. bullet is a modern, tech driven projectile that not only penetrates deep, but also tears critical organs.

Concealed weapons holders and personal defense shooters should consider the newest in tech development with regards to modern day projectiles. Ammo manufacturers are taking into consideration many obstacles that bullets are being used to penetrate.

Muscle, bones, doors, denim, glass, kevlar, drywall, and other building materials are now used to test ammunition to see how penetration will be affected when shot through these mediums. Pork tissue is used to test the bullets as pork tissue can closely resemble that of human muscle tissue.

When you have ammo constraints and you need your round to be as effective as possible, the R.I.P. will be a solid contender.

Bullets should be able to penetrate muscle and bone without losing their desired penetration depth of about 12 inches. The RIP Ammo definitely does the job right. Within the initial four to six inches of penetration the top half of the bullet breaks off to cause tearing trauma to the target. As the bullet continues to travel the second lower portion continues as a solid projectile and continues through the rest of the tissue.

In this video, one of the bullets actually exited the gel block showing that the round is even capable of penetration depths in excess of 12 inches.

G2 Research is the manufacturer that is making the R.I.P. Ammo. G2 is publishing an astounding nine separate wound channels. Heavy winter clothing will not stop this bullet. The tearing technology will still penetrate base layers with ease.

Be sure to check your local laws for any type of ammunition restrictions.

Lastly, if you want to see some awesome slo-motion footage of the R.I.P. ammo in full effect, check out this article.


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Neutralize Your Threats Fast with R.I.P. Ammo