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The NEMO Arms Omen Watchman 2.0 is a Serious Long-Distance Shooter

NEMO Arms OMEN Watchman 2.0 .300 win mag rifle will let you put some serious firepower downrange.

Match the NEMO Arms Omen .300 win mag rifle with some quality optics and you will be able to get superior accuracy at longer distances when engaging targets.

Have a look at this full review from GY6vids and see not only accurate shooting, but also some reactive targets that include propane cylinders.

That is an impressive semi-auto rifle, bringing excellent accuracy for range shooting. By pairing it with a great scope that allows for range adjustments, the host is able to achieve some very accurate groups from 100 out to 500 yards. It will be interesting to see when he brings it out to 1000 yards in a future video.

Semi-automatic rifles have become increasingly popular for military shooting and police special teams applications. They allow a higher rate-of-fire for tactical situations and are appropriate for short to mid-range applications.

There is a reason NEMO Arms is working closely with U.S. Special Operations and Federal Law Enforcement to produce rifles that provide tactical excellence in marksmanship shooting and accuracy.

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The NEMO Arms Omen Watchman 2.0 is a Serious Long-Distance Shooter