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Neko Rigging a Creature Bait: The Next Big Thing


Neko rigging a creature bait could become the next big thing, so here’s how to do it.

Neko rigging a creature bait is a modernized crawfish presentation that combines multiple facets of fish catching techniques. Bass are intelligent, inquisitive fish that tend to examine their food before they consume it. Many have been caught and released, and have become wise to the plethora of baits and rigs that have traditionally been used for years.

Sometimes you have to mix things up to get their attention and convince them to bite. While neko rigging a stick bait has its place, if the fish are feeding on crawfish, here’s another way to show them something that they might not have seen before. This video created by angler Tyler Brinks and shared by Western Bass explains step by step just how it’s done.

Slide an O-ring up onto the body of the bait, then thread a wide gap hook through the o-ring. Put your neko weight into the body of the bait and you’re ready to fish. The weight being in the bottom of the bait causes it to fall naturally and allows the tension from the line to make the bait stand on it’s end.

By applying tension through little twitches and jerks, the bait tends to almost fold on itself, much like a crawfish escaping a predator.


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Neko Rigging a Creature Bait: The Next Big Thing