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Who Needs a Fishing Pole? You Won’t Believe What’s in This Car


If you love catching catfish, this video might make you a bit jealous.

Catfish are a prized possession to some. The enormous size, the incredible fight they can put up on a rod and reel, and those crispy flaky fillets we all love make them a southern delicacy. But, for all the catfish you have caught or enjoyed at the dinner table, there is a pretty good chance they weren’t caught like this.

In one of the craziest fishing videos you will ever see, this sequence of events is sure to make you think, “How is this possible?”

Watch as this group is presently surprised at what begins to fall from this vehicle after being pulled from the lake.

Once the vehicle reaches land, catfish literally begin to flood from the cab. What would be any fisherman’s dream, it is almost hard to believe your eyes. The catch would be a great day for anyone to find in their nets, but from an old car? Simply amazing.

If you have ever been hand fishing, you know that catfish will find holes and pile themselves in during spawning season. This is the best guess we have for this awesome encounter.

We foresee a heck of a fish fry in the future, and may just have to invest in a few old vehicles.

What do you think?


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Who Needs a Fishing Pole? You Won’t Believe What’s in This Car