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You Need to See This Video of a Guy’s First Crossbow Deer Hunt

You Need To See This Video Of A Guy's First Crossbow Deer Hunt

This guy was hunting in New Jersey and filmed his crossbow deer hunt.

Though they certainly have their limitations, using a crossbow is a great way for new hunters to get their feet wet. This particular hunter filmed his crossbow deer hunt on the opening day of the New Jersey deer season a couple of years ago.

Watch the video to see how his hunt went. The fact that he was using lighted nocks on his arrow really makes it a whole lot easier to see where it hit.

That was a really nice shot and recovering an arrow that looks like that is a sight sure to warm the heart of any archery hunter. I’m sure that deer did not run very far at all after the shot.

Congratulations on getting your first deer and filling the freezer with some tasty venison! Here’s to many more great deer seasons.

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You Need to See This Video of a Guy’s First Crossbow Deer Hunt