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Be the Envy of the Boat Ramp with the Ulterra by Minn Kota [VIDEO]

The Ulterra

The Ulterra is something you need to see to believe.

No matter what kind of boat you put it on, the Ulterra will make you the envy of any boat ramp. The Ulterra offers the newest in trolling motor technology with a completely remote controlled and remotely deployable trolling motor.

Check out Minn Kota’s ad for the Ulterra below and see how it can take your fishing boat to a whole new level.


While many people may say that something like the Ulterra is not necessary and is just overkill, this could also be seen as an amazing tool to make fishing by yourself even easier than ever before. Being able to deploy, and then actually work the trolling motor from the shore, is an amazing advantage that hasn’t been seen before.

So, from a hand-me-down jon boat to a brand new boat ready for the Bassmasters, the Ulterra should be a welcome addition to any boat. The Ulterra will make a day on the water fishing that much easier and that much more fun.

Just make sure all the batteries are charged or you are looking at an embarrassing swim to go get your boat floating away from the ramp.

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Be the Envy of the Boat Ramp with the Ulterra by Minn Kota [VIDEO]