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You Need to See This Really Cool Live Trail Camera Feed in Minnesota

You Need To See This Awesome Live Trail Camera Feed From Minnesota
Deer Trail

Ever seen a live trail camera feed before? These guys up in Minnesota have got a pretty cool setup where you can watch what’s going on in the woods 24/7. 

If you’re like me, you wonder what is going on in front of your trail camera when you’re not there. The guys at Deer Trail wondered the same thing, so they set up a live trail camera feed by hooking a couple of Logitech cameras up to the Internet. Now they know what’s going on out in the woods without ever having to leave their computer screens.

Watch the video below to see what’s going on out there right now. You never know what you’ll see at a bait site out in the woods…

They’ve had their live trail camera feed set up since 2009, so they’ve got a ton of data and have a really good idea what is going on out in their neck of the woods.

Though it’s a cool idea, and lets you see what is going on without setting foot in your hunting area, I’m not sure this exact set-up is practical for most hunters. However, it is possible to connect some trail cameras to a cellular network or wireless internet and view photos almost instantly from home. This is much simpler to implement and has nearly all of the benefits of a live trail camera feed.

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You Need to See This Really Cool Live Trail Camera Feed in Minnesota