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You Need to See This Epic GoPro Footage of Airplane Waterskiing

extreme water skiing

If you love extreme sports, you will definitely enjoy seeing this video of extreme waterskiing and will probably want to give it a shot.

Many of us who love the outdoors and wilderness also have a passion for extreme sports. Something that really tests your limits and gets your heart racing. In the past, we have looked at things like extreme kayaking, but now we can see things have been taken to an entirely new level with this epic waterskiing stunt.

Anytime you introduce a seaplane into the equation you know a sport has just become more extreme than it ever was before. Check out this video of water skiier Ben Groen as he gets towed behind a seaplane.

The liftoff speed of this plane is probably around 45 miles per hour, so Groen is really moving through the water. Of course if you are skiing barefoot you are usually going a little faster than normal waterskiing but it's usually around 30 to 35 miles per hour, not 45.

This is quite an impressive feat and pulled off amazingly well. Something to practice for for the ambitious extreme sports lovers out there.

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You Need to See This Epic GoPro Footage of Airplane Waterskiing