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Need a Rugged Camper That Can Take a Beating? [PICS]

All photos via Adak Trailers

Adak’s rugged camper is suitable for any destination the ultimate outdoorsman has in store.

We all know the best places to be are hard to get to, so you need a camper that is up for the challenge.

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Adak Adventure Trailers promises to supply the ultimate camper for all your outdoor adventuring needs.

adak trailer


Two sizes are available, the 11.9-foot Bivouac or the 17-foot Outpost, and both are ready for the high country.

adak trailer 2


Equipment ready.

adak trailer 3


Camo ready.

adak trailer 4


Adak gives an overview of the construction process of these rugged campers:


The ruggedness is accomplished by using engineered products such as Honeycomb FRP panels and engineered lightweight laminated structural panels. All components and cabinetry are bonded in place not just screwed like normal RV construction.

The aluminum chassis is built to exacting specifications. Then the 1 ½ inch laminated honeycomb floor is bolted and bonded to the aluminum I-beam frame to create a torque box effect for unsurpassed rigidness. All external walls and roof are built of the same 1 ½ inch FRP laminated honeycomb. The    walls and the roof are bonded to extrusions custom made for this application.

Custom torsion bar suspension is used to create stability, a smooth ride and to insure there is nothing that hangs below the trailer. Look under the Adak and you will not see anything below the frame to get caught and torn off when taking the overland route. No pavement no problem.

Plumbing, wiring, and every aspect has been designed specifically to endure rugged use and to be easily maintain.

Cooling and heating is no problem the temperature is easily maintained due to 1 ½ inch dead airspace created by the honeycomb FRP laminate and the use of double pane windows.

Due to the one piece construction created when bonding the panels to create the exterior shell leaking that plagues many RV, particularly if someone tries to use them off the pavement is a thing of the past.

Nothing but good, durable, low maintenance hardware is used.

adak trailer 5


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adak trailer 6


A safe place for the valuables.

adak trailer 7



adak trailer 12



adak trailer 8


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adak trailer 11


These bad boys aren’t cheap. The base trailer price for the 17-foot Outpost is $49,000, and if you want all the accessories, you are looking at a grand total of $65,479.  You can find the pricing info here.

adak trailer 10


If you’ve got the money to spend, than check out Adak Adventure Trailers and get a rugged camper that is ready to for any terrain.

All photos via Adak Trailers

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Need a Rugged Camper That Can Take a Beating? [PICS]