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Need a Place to Hunt? Go to Church [PICS]

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It’s a common complaint from deer hunters: ‘I don’t have any good land to hunt and I can’t afford a lease.’

I’ve uttered those words too…but not anymore. In fact, these days I have a hard time keeping up with all the parcels I have access to. How did I go from no land to almost (but not quite) too much?


To be clear, I didn’t start going to church to scam new property. I’ve been an active member my entire adult life. The difference came when I started mentioning to friends there that I was looking for places to hunt. That’s when the connections started happening.

People may say; “Oh, you hunt deer? My backyard is full of those things and I can’t keep a garden anymore.”

I would always answer, “Need some help with that?”

That’s typically the way it goes, or you meet people who know other people with land to hunt. Either way, you find these opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Other benefits to increasing your land access are the relationships forged with the property owners. In many ways, our society is generationally isolated. There are little meaningful interactions between people born in different eras.

Since I began hunting these properties, I’ve become friends with the owners, many of whom are older than me. I’ve been blessed by the wisdom of their life experiences and have enjoyed their unique perspectives. Our relationships have grown deeper than just deer hunting.

But it doesn’t have to be a one-way street.

Tim Kjellesvik

Not that they expect it, but I’ve been able to lend a hand with projects my friends are working on. It makes me feel good to do something helpful. Land access is a privilege, so I appreciate the opportunity to show them how much I appreciate their trust.

So now you get it. Church is a great place to connect with people who have hunting land.

The quandary you’re probably wondering about is this; Should I join a church just to have a place to hunt? The answer sort of depends.

If you are already a member of a church, don’t go seeking another congregation just to expand your access. Maybe you need to mention your property search in conversation more. Folks have a good nose for a hidden agenda, so be candid and don’t just use people for what they have.

If you aren’t a member somewhere already, have at it. Some might say that you’re not joining for the right reasons, but I think it’s better for you to be there than not. You might actually learn something helpful that’s not hunting related.

If your hunting plans for this fall are still up in the air because you don’t have a place to go, that can change this Sunday. Make plans to be at church and your prayers for big buck ground might be answered.

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Need a Place to Hunt? Go to Church [PICS]