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Need a New DIY Rod Holder Project? Build This One

DIY rod holder

This DIY rod holder project is the perfect way to pass a few more of those winter nights before summer fishing season hits.

Winter can feel like it takes forever to pass by for anglers, especially for those who don’t enjoy ice fishing. By this point, you probably have cleaned all your reels and gone through your tackle box a couple dozen times by the fire as you wait for Old Man Winter to loosen his grip outside.

Consider this DIY rod holder project to help pass some of the time.

With a built-in cutting board and flashlight, this DIY rod holder will come in handy the next time you target catfish or carp from the shore of your favorite pond or river. It is a very easy and affordable project that will add some valuable equipment to your fishing gear arsenal.

Unfortunately, there are still a couple months of cold weather to go before spring and summer fishing gets into full swing. Spending a few winter days in your (hopefully heated) workshop or even on the living room floor building a couple of the DIY rod holder project shown in the video below is the perfect way to pass more time until you can hit the open water once again.



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Need a New DIY Rod Holder Project? Build This One