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6 Hilarious Boating Fails That Will Leave You in Tears [VIDEOS]

It’s not nice to laugh at other people! But you’re going to anyway when you watch these epic boating fails.

These viral gems are most certainly worth seeing, whether you’ve never watched them or seen them a million times (like me!); you won’t want to pass on these babies.

Go ahead and laugh, and then learn what NOT to do when boating!

1. Observe the speed limits and water conditions at all times!

Seven friends out to have a little boating fun end up with more than a little pain. Everyone survives to share in the joys and pain of going video viral for a long, looooong time…

2. Slow down, son!

So, turns out our guys in blue make mistakes too…this guy in hot pursuit ends in hot water instead!

3. Priorities, man!

Perhaps this video will have you crying for the boat or crying for the (once-) gorgeous truck, but you’ll certainly be crying in laughter at around 26 seconds when the truck owner takes his time to guzzle the rest of his beer before checking out the damage.

4. Have insurance on your boat!

This one isn’t exactly a boat fail…but this motorcyclist fails and lands in a boat! So we’ll let it slip on through.

5. Slow it down on the boat launch!

So…not picking on our boys in blue (you guys rock!) but a boat fail is a boat fail, after all. These guys may have jumped the gun just a tad…

6. Alcohol and boating don’t mix!

WARNING: Strong language in the video.

This boat launch fail is a funny as they come…perhaps the funniest part is listening to his wife telling him what to do the whole time. Gotta feel a little bad for the guy!

Remember: Safe boating is fun boating!

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6 Hilarious Boating Fails That Will Leave You in Tears [VIDEOS]