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Do You Need to Know How to Field Dress Your Harvest?

Knowing how to field dress is the most important part of the hunt. 

No matter what game animal you are pursuing, there are some basics you are going to need to know about what to do after the shot has been taken. Hopefully, you are one of those hunters that is hunting for the food. In that case, knowing how to field dress your game is essential in great tasting meat.

Luckily, the Internet is full of great videos, tutorials, and information to break the field dressing chore down into several easy steps. Once you get the hang of it, it does get easier.


Perhaps one of the most sought after game animals in North America, the whitetail deer is also one of the more involved harvests when it comes to field dressing. It’s a good thing that RealtreeOutdoors has you covered.


Perhaps more geese are field dressed in America every year than any other animal. For that, the good folks from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources have created this video to show you all the steps. Be sure to pay attention, field dressing geese can get a little tricky.


If you are hunting for squirrels, then you probably have some amazing recipes to go right along with them. Knowing how to field dress one of these tree rats effectively is critical to getting as much off the harvest as you can. For that, field2feast breaks it all down.


Rabbit hunting seems to be left to the chosen few these days. Gone are the days when rabbits were a staple of the American outdoorsman’s family. Today, it’s more of a pastime for hunters to do after deer season and before it’s time to fish again. However, if you are going to shoot a rabbit, you need to how to field dress it. How better to break it all down than Steven Rinella, himself?

Just like all things, practice makes perfect and you will eventually find your own way of doing things yourself. However, these basic tips are the perfect beginner’s guide on how to field dress the most basic game in North America.

Hopefully this year you will be successful enough in the field to put these tips to use!


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Do You Need to Know How to Field Dress Your Harvest?