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Need Help Finding the Best Fishing Guide for Your Summer Vacation?

Picking the best fishing guide is often times the hardest part of the whole trip!

When you are on summer vacation, time is often split between activities, travel, eating out, and quality family time. If a few hours were to open up once you reached your destination where you might be able to sneak away and do some fishing, you want to make sure you have the best fishing guide around to put you on active fish quick to make it worth your while. Finding those guides can be tough, but with a little Internet know-how, it can be done in a snap.

No matter where you choose to vacation with your family around the United States, odds are there is a fishing guide somewhere nearby that has the same website saying the same thing as all the other guides you might be able to find in Google. So what makes one better than the others? Just going by what their website says only shows you want you want to read, but often times it is only half the story, instead, avoid the website altogether.


If you are looking for a guide, first off, ask the people where you are staying. They may know somebody, or at least have a brochure or flyer. However, if you are like me, I would rather have more of firm recommendation than that. If you are just looking for a few hours out on the water, that is normally the ticket, though.

If you are looking for some serious fishing, usually the best course of action is to call a local fly shop, or local bait shop. Those types of places usually have guides on retainer for just such an occasion. One word of advice though, if a guide is open and begging to take you fishing, I would avoid them. They normally have an open calendar for reason.

Third party sites are always a good bet, too. Here, clients can rate guides ranging from price to personality and everything inbetween. If one of these guides is listed on a site like that, they are working for ratings, which means you are going to get good service one way or the other. My personal favorite third party site would be Amberjack. Give it look and you will see exactly what I mean.


Finally, the secret to real success in finding the best fishing guide on a family vacation is to call ahead. Do all your Internet research before hand and call ahead as well. Only look for guides who are full but would call if they have an opening or would show you around for a few hours after they drop off a client. Prices are usually negotiable due to the allowed flexibility, but you will hit home runs much more than strike out.

The above mentioned method tends to be my favorite because I can focus on my family during the vacation instead of worrying about the fishing. If it happens, it happens, but I’m not planning my trip around it. I find this makes a much less stressful time because things can just fall into place.

Good luck this year! Hopefully you not only land the Bill Dance of fishing guides, but also make a vacation memory to last a lifetime.



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Need Help Finding the Best Fishing Guide for Your Summer Vacation?