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Why You Need to Go Bear Hunting on Washington’s Quinault Indian Reservation

Why You Need To Go Bear Hunting On Washington's Quinault Indian Reservation

Looking for a place to go on a spring bear hunt? Here is why you need to go bear hunting on Washington’s Quinault Indian Reservation.

The Quinault Indian Reservation in western Washington has an exceptionally high black bear density. Not only are there tons of bears on the reservation, but they have developed a taste for the spring cambium layer on the reservation’s trees. In order to control the bear population and reduce the damage that the bears are causing to the forests, officials have legalized bear baiting on the Quinault Indian Reservation.

I recently had the opportunity to go on a spring bear hunt on the Quinault Indian Reservation. On the second day of the hunt, I was set up about 25 yards away from a bait site with my CVA Wolf muzzleloader when things started to get very interesting just before dark.

Watch the video to see what happened.

As you can see, the bear seemed nervous, almost like it was afraid that a bigger bear might try and run her off the bait site. I didn’t think another bear with appear before it go too dark to shoot, so I elected to take the shot.

My shot hit just behind the right shoulder, destroying both lungs and hitting the top of the heart. The bear, which turned out to be a mature sow, ran about 30 yards before piling up in some thick vegetation. In case you were wondering, I used 290gr Barnes T-EZ bullets propelled by 100gr of Hodgdon’s 777 powder.

Talk about a win-win situation: I got a great bear hunt and some delicious bear meat and there is one fewer bear destroying trees on the Quinault Indian Reservation.

Interested in going black bear hunting in Washington on the Quinault Indian Reservation yourself?

Be sure to check back later for further details on the hunt and more information on how to bait bears.

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Why You Need to Go Bear Hunting on Washington’s Quinault Indian Reservation