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Need Some Ammo? Have Some Pennies?

Internet penny auctions moves into the ammo market.

Now you can buy ammo through Internet penny auctions, and we’ve got Vice’s Motherboard to thank for the scoop.

Penny auctions have tipped the e-commerce world on its head, with mainly consumer electronics leading the way in killer, yet sometimes sketchy, online deals.

Now is taking that same idea to the shooting industry, in the midst of an ammo shortage that’s certainly gotten the country’s attention.

Of course, only ships to locations within America and follow all the necessary laws connected to transporting ammunition. Those who want to bid must be over 21 and go through a vetting process via the site.

After that, it’s all up to the auction-style methodology that’s blown up in popularity over the last several years.

Though it hasn’t brought in the profits by the millions yet, the founders of anticipated the slow start, and have high hopes.

In fact, some big industry movers and shakers have already expressed interest in’s idea, though the founders aren’t spilling the beans.

“How do we make ammo available in a fun entertaining kind of way, that is available to the masses, that is a win-win deal for everybody?” said co-founder Matthew Long in the Motherboard piece. “We make a little money, the supplier makes a little money, and the customer gets a good deal.”

The site has already spread into other gear like flashlights and hope to one day offer bids on things like hunting vacations and survivalist seminars.

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Need Some Ammo? Have Some Pennies?