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Few Nebraskan Hunters Reach Canada Geese Bag Limit


Only a handful of hunters in Nebraska were able to hit their bag limit for Canada geese this season. 

The colder temperatures in Nebraska this winter resulted in less hunters reaching the bag limit set for Canada geese. Even as January yielded warmer temps, few hunters reported reaching their limit for Canada geese.

Nebraska’s limit for Canada geese is five birds, even though Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota have limits set at eight.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued guidelines for the Central Flyway permitting a dark goose with the same limit of eight birds. Every state in the flyway region has the rights to set their own limits based on their respective studies, according to Mark Vrtiska waterfowl program manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Vrtiska told reporters, “Our populations are doing well but are not skyrocketing like in other states. We are very cautious about raising limits.”

Vrtiska said he will wait until the wildlife service releases its report before considering making changes to Canada geese bag limits for next season.

Other nearby states have lower bag limits: Iowa has a limit of two Canada geese from Sept. 27 through Oct. 31, and three from Nov. 1 through the end of the season; Missouri’s limit is three; and Colorado has a limit of four west of the Continental Divide, and five east of the Divide.

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Few Nebraskan Hunters Reach Canada Geese Bag Limit