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Nebraska Sends Mountain Lion Hunting Ban Bill to Governor’s Desk

After one season, the Nebraska legislature has voted for a mountain lion hunting ban.

According to a report from the US Sportsmen’s Alliance, if signed by Governor Dave Heinemen, the bill relieves the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission of the authority to manage the state’s increasing mountain lion population. We shared the results of the inaugural season back in January: a total of two cougars were harvested.

The measure, LB 671, was sponsored by Senator Ernie Chambers. The Governor has until Monday, March 31, 2014 to either sign or veto the bill. If he takes no action, the bill will be passed into law.

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The US Sportsmen’s Alliance report leads the reader to believe the bill was passed with anti-hunting support, and that the Game and Parks Commission should be allowed to properly manage the hunting seasons permitted in the state. Opponents of LB 671 believe that with reasonable quotas and a measured approach, wildlife populations can be maintained, and even reduced, when the needs arise.

Supporters of the bill would lead one to believe hunting cougars in Nebraska is not needed, and have allowed politics to influence the rules and regulations surrounding the environment and wildlife.

Should the Game and Parks Commission be able to manage game hunting in Nebraska, or is mountain lion hunting in the state unnecessary? Leave your comments below.

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Nebraska Sends Mountain Lion Hunting Ban Bill to Governor’s Desk