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2015 Nebraska Mountain Lion Season is No More

U.S. Forest Service

Nebraska’s 2015 mountain lion season is cancelled, but will it return?

This year’s mountain lion hunt in Nebraska has been cancelled. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Director Jim Douglas did not rule out future seasons, but said there will be none for the time being.

Last year in Nebraska, sixteen mountain lions were killed. The problem? Of those sixteen ten were females, and only five were actually taken by hunters. The others were killed by other means such as trapping and poachers.

The State Game and Parks Recreation Commission has decided to cancel the 2015 mountain lion season to start a three year research project. They hope to better understand the big cats’ population size and habits through the use of GPS collars, trail cams, and genetic feces tests. They plan to start later this year and end in 2018.

A senator from Omaha has introduced a bill to ban mountain lion hunting in Nebraska completely. Last year a similar bill was passed but eventually vetoed by former Governor Dave Heineman.

They could re-establish the cougar season if studies show populations reach a new surplus. For now the hunters wanting a big cat trophy from Nebraska are just going to have to wait it out.

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2015 Nebraska Mountain Lion Season is No More