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Nebraska Hunt Shows Hen Gobbling, Strutting [VIDEO]

Nebraska Hunt

More than one thing is off with this Nebraska hunt, but it still proves to be a success in the end.

This Nebraska hunt, brought to you by Cervicide, is anything but normal.

While the hunting footage may be a little longer than what some of you are interested in, this is worth it with a gobbling and strutting hen turkey plus a deer with a suprise in April. Check out the full Nebraska hunt video below.


Now, I have heard of bearded hens, but I have never seen a hen who struts and gobbles. If this hen takes her gender equality any further, it is likely to land her on someone's dinner plate.

And, on top of that, another strange aspect of this Nebraska hunt is the fact that this deer has a full rack in April? While I suppose that is not unheard of, it is certainly not common.

I've never been on a Nebraska hunt, but it looks like one that would be full of surprises at the least. It must be something they put in their corn, but it makes the animals a little less predictable than others I've seen.

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Nebraska Hunt Shows Hen Gobbling, Strutting [VIDEO]