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Nebraska Governor Vetoes Mountain Lion Hunting Ban

The Nebraska mountain lion hunting ban was squashed by Governor Dave Heineman.

On Monday a bill arrived on the Governor's desk that would take away the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's authority to manage the state's growing mountain lion population through regulated hunting seasons. It was vetoed today and will return to the state legislature, where it will require 30 votes to override the governor's action.

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In his veto message, Governor Heineman commented that "Nebraskans expect responsible wildlife management. LB 671 eliminates an important tool used to accomplish it. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission should retain the ability to determine those management actions which are necessary to protect both the health and safety of our citizens and the wildlife in our state. Removing the agency's authority to manage mountain lions through hunting at this time is poor public policy."

The mountain lion hunting ban bill was sponsored by Senator Ernie Chambers, who has promised to oppose every proposal from the Game and Parks Commission until the animal is no longer considered fair game in Nebraska.


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Nebraska Governor Vetoes Mountain Lion Hunting Ban