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Nebraska Governor: Our State is Better Than Yours for Hunting

Governor of Nebraska signs proclamation declaring his state the top turkey hunting destination in all the land.

Like many Midwestern states, hunting is a big part of both the culture and the economy in Nebraska. According to Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the hunting industry boosted the state’s economy by nearly $850 million dollars last year alone. A big part of that industry is the spring Turkey hunting season, which runs from March 25th through May 31st for 2016.

In a survey recently completed by the state, a whopping 90 percent of Nebraska turkey hunters agreed that their hunts, the season lengths, and their overall experience pursuing turkey in the state has met or exceeded their expectations in recent years.

Factors considered in the survey include the population of the birds throughout the state, the variety of species available, access to hunting land for both in state and out of state hunters, and availability of tags or permits, among other factors.

Nebraska boasts turkey hunting opportunities in all 93 counties in the state. Last year over 43,000 permits were sold to hunters, of which nearly one-third were sold to those coming from outside the state. Nebraska also has successful youth hunting programs for young turkey hunters, selling over 7,000 youth permits in 2015. Youth permits in Nebraska are available for only $5.

These factors and others led Governor Pete Ricketts to sign a proclamation declaring that Nebraska is the top turkey hunting destination in the United States. The proclamation was presented to Game and Parks Commission staff on April 6th in Lincoln.

For information on resident and non-resident hunting permits, visit the Nebraska Game & Parks website here: Nebraska Hunting Permits.


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Nebraska Governor: Our State is Better Than Yours for Hunting