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Nebraska is Closing on a Record Year for Mule Deer

The state is well on its way to hitting a record for the Mule deer harvest in Nebraska with numbers well up for this iconic deer.

Nebraska looks ready to crack a record if the mule deer harvest continues at its current pace. As of 1 December, 8,486 bucks were taken, which is a 2 percent increase from last year’s kill and the third consecutive increase in three years. It also looks like it will soon outpace the state record 2008 harvest of 9,115 bucks.

Nebraska’s conservation efforts toward reducing the harvest of mule deer does are paying dividends with the increased numbers of bucks, to the benefit of hunters.

Along with this mule deer boon, there still remain good opportunities for archery and muzzle-loader in many of the management zones across the state. For more information where you can buy a permit or to do it online see Nebraska Game and Parks.

In contrast, while the mule deer harvest is up, whitetail harvest numbers are down. The count for whitetail bucks is down 6 percent compared to last year’s numbers of 25,300 and is projected to reach 27,000 by the close of the season.

The deer season will close 31 December and the late antlerless hunt will end on 15 January.


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Nebraska is Closing on a Record Year for Mule Deer