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NC Looks to Add Hunting and Fishing Rights to Its Constitution


North Carolina wants to add the right to hunt or fish to their constitution to ensure the option for future generations forever.

 Thanks to three senators the state of North Carolina could add themselves to the small list of states ensuring the future of outdoorsmen by adding the right to hunt and fish into their constitution.

Senate Bill 889 was introduced last Wednesday by Sen. Andrew Brock, Sen. Buck Newton, and Sen. Jim Davis. They felt it was necessary to stand against the high pressure anti-hunting, fishing, and gun groups have been putting on every state across the country.

"It's something that's needed now and needed for future generations," Sen. Brock told the News and Observer. "We want to make sure we pass on the traditions that we inherited that made the United States and North Carolina so great."

If the bill passes the amendment to the constitution would be placed on the ballot for the November 8 General Election. The ballot will read:

"Constitutional amendment providing that the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife is protected subject to laws and regulations to conserve and manage the state's natural resources."

The amendment will not allow hunters or anglers to trespass on others land or allow them to trample on property rights. It will allow hunting and fishing to be the main wildlife management role which could lead to higher bag limits and longer seasons.

The fight to have the right to hunt and fish added to North Carolina's constitution has been an ongoing battle. In 2009 a similar bill was introduced, but was unable to get enough support to make it to the ballot box.

This is something that all states need to have added to their constitutions to ensure that outdoorsmen do not die out and thousands of years of skills are lost. Every person has the right to responsibly seek out the bounties of nature, it is just upsetting to think we need bills like these to pass to make sure we still can.


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NC Looks to Add Hunting and Fishing Rights to Its Constitution