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Has a Nazi Train Full of Gold, Art, and Guns Been Found in Poland?

Has a Nazi Train Full Of Gold Art and Guns Been Found In Poland
NBC News

Two treasure hunters have reported finding a legendary armored Nazi train full of gold, art, and guns in southwestern Poland near the town of Wroclaw.

Polish officials are reporting that they have seen photographs taken of a purported Nazi train hidden in a tunnel in southwestern Poland using ground penetrating radar. If true, these photographs may confirm rumors of a legendary Nazi train full of gold, art, and guns that disappeared in Poland near the end of World War II.

Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski has said that the blurry image shows the shape of an armored train mounting cannons and says that he is now “more than 99 percent certain that this train exists.”

According to legend, an armored Nazi train that was over 100 meters long fleeing advancing Soviet armies and carrying an unknown amount of gold, artwork, and guns disappeared near the town of Walbrzych in what is now southwestern Poland in the spring of 1945.

The Nazis had constructed an elaborate system of tunnels in the mountainous region and it is thought that the train was hidden somewhere in these tunnels.


Allegedly, a person who helped load the Nazi train in 1945 recently made a deathbed confession regarding the actual location of the Nazi train. Using this location, along with modern technology like ground penetrating radar, the treasure hunters were able to pinpoint the possible location of the Nazi train.

The two men have filed a claim for a 10 percent finders fee of the total value of the treasure on the Nazi train in exchange for the actual location. If the rumors of there being upwards of 300 tons of gold on the Nazi train turn out to be true, there could be over $10 billion worth of gold on the train.

This doesn’t even consider how much the artwork, weapons, etc. on the Nazi train may be worth. However, there is a significant concern that the Nazi train was originally booby-trapped in order to prevent people from tampering with it.

Because of this, the Polish government is urging people to refrain from further searches for the train. Additionally, the Polish military is reportedly dispatching explosive ordinance disposal units to the location of the train.

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Has a Nazi Train Full of Gold, Art, and Guns Been Found in Poland?