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Nature Zen: Aerial Views Over Alaska’s Stunning Wilderness [VIDEO]

Sometimes you just need to take a moment to appreciate nature from an aerial view. Have a nature zen moment over Alaska.

Take an aerial trip over Alaska during the summer solstice when this awe-inspiring state gets its nickname “the land of the midnight sun.”

Solstice, using aerial drone footage with a GoPro Hero 3+, takes you on a journey through the Alaskan wilderness near Anchorage and Wrangell.

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Did that make you feel calmer? Did you take a deep breath of the fresh virtual Alaskan air? How badly do you want to buy a plane ticket to go hunt, fish or hike the Alaskan wilderness? I answered “yes” and “very badly” to each of those questions.

Alaska really is the last frontier and hopefully it stays pristine for years to come so we can always enjoy the wild, the real wild.

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Nature Zen: Aerial Views Over Alaska’s Stunning Wilderness [VIDEO]