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Nature Valley Asks: What Did You Do For Fun Growing Up? [VIDEO]


Nature Valley asks three generations of people what they did for fun growing up.

Just a few decades ago there was nothing to do but get out and explore the world around us. It wasn’t unusual for kids to disappear into the woods all day and sometimes night.

With this great expanse of how people were raised Nature Valley decided to sit down the past three generations of people to ask a very simple question, “When you were a kid, what did you do for fun?”

The answers will impact you greater than you think.

It’s always weird to look back on a past generation and think how they did things versus now. With the vast amounts of technology we have at our disposal, it’s hard to imagine life without it all. This especially rings true to the people in their now 20s and 30s who were raised with the explosion of the age of technology.

This video just shows how much our up and coming generation is losing out on in their childhood. They’d be well off to quit looking at like through a screen, and actually go out into the world to experience it.

After I watched this video, I looked over at my children. My youngest was staring blankly at the television, and my two oldest were tapping away on tablets.

I thought of all the time they waste on their gadgets.

I think it’s time we teach our kids the real meaning of fun, and let them spend as much time in the wonders of nature as we possibly can before it is too late

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Nature Valley Asks: What Did You Do For Fun Growing Up? [VIDEO]