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Nature is Hard: Wild Dogs Hunt Pregnant Impala [VIDEO]

Watch these wild dogs team up to surround and kill a pregnant impala. 

Warning: this video is not east to watch.

While this video may be difficult for some to view, this is nature’s way. It sounds like it might have been tough for some of these bystanders not to interfere, however this, quite literally, is the nature of the beast.

If you have any qualms about seeing the graphic intent of the video all the way through, the 4:00 mark is a good place to stop. And at 5:00 is when things get real.


As you can see in the beginning, one of the dogs leaves her partner to retrieve the rest of the pack. Pretty smart move. I daresay the impala might have gotten away if she would have run while it was just the two dogs.

Either way, this is the way the world works. It is difficult to observe but also pretty extraordinary.

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Nature is Hard: Wild Dogs Hunt Pregnant Impala [VIDEO]