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Camp Amongst the Incredible Ancient Native American Rock Art in Texas

Images via Brian Steele

Did you know West Texas has some of the best ancient Native American rock art in the United States?

People have been camping out in Texas for many thousands of years, and there is some obvious evidence of that fact in many different locations.

In multitudes of sites in West Texas, up deep, dry canyons, lonely and hidden draws and forgotten places, are some of the best examples of ancient Native American rock art in the entire United States.

They are spectacular and awaiting your exploration.


If you are interested in discovering some of these absolutely amazing sites, joining the Texas Rock Art Foundation may be the key to your path of exploration. The Rock Art Foundation is dedicated to preserving and studying these incredible examples of ancient rock art, and boasts many members who have contributed to saving and protecting these excellent sites for many years.

A great first trip to get a taste of what West Texas has to offer can be found at Seminole Canyon State Park west of Del Rio, Texas. Here you can camp and explore some of the Chihuahuan Desert landscape splendor. Also consider visiting Panther Cave, an enormous rock shelter covered in paintings thousands of years old. It’s an amazing place and gives you some real perspective. The fact that people have been living and camping out in Texas for a very long time is made even more true after seeing them.

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A weekend trip to this region from many points in Texas is very achievable, but it is even better if you can carve out five days to take in the solitude, the strong, warm desert winds, the awesome sunsets and the great fishing on Lake Amistad. Saddle up your gear and get out in the vast expanses west of town and learn all about the interesting history of Texas!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try something new and see the fascinating Native American rock art in Texas, and expand your horizons.

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Camp Amongst the Incredible Ancient Native American Rock Art in Texas