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National Parks Adventure Opens in IMAX Theaters This Weekend

National Parks Adventure Screenshot

Narrated by famed actor and director Robert Redford, this breathtaking 3D documentary serves to commemorate the National Park Service's centennial.

Though all 409 national parks could not be included, National Parks Adventure takes viewers on a journey through some of the country's wildest areas.

"Even one is enough to open the door to a life in the outdoors," said Redford.

In National Parks Adventure, acclaimed filmmaker Greg MacGillivray delivers sweeping aerial views of lush forests, towering cliffs and deep-plunging canyons. The film is told from the perspective of world-class mountaineer Conrad Anker and his friends as they venture from Yellowstone to the Everglades to the Redwoods.

To set the stage for this weekend's premiere, check out this stunning trailer.

National Parks Adventure's visually striking imagery will leave you craving for park visits.

The film debuts on Feb. 12 in more than 400 giant-screen IMAX theaters and 60 countries around the world. To find a theater and showing near you, visit the National Parks Adventure website.

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National Parks Adventure Opens in IMAX Theaters This Weekend