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National Park Service Searching for These Suspected Grand Canyon Vandals

grand canyon
National Park Service

The NPS is looking for info on these people and they need your help. 

The National Park Service is turning to the public for leads in finding a couple of suspected vandals in Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park.

The NPS has had its hands full this season with increasing numbers of tourists across many of the nation’s national parks. And some of these people are causing trouble. This latest incident occurred on May 22 at the South Rim of the park in the area of the Yavapai Geology Museum. A witness saw a couple of people spray-painting the rocks with graffiti in that area.

Park Rangers were apparently alerted, but left before they could be caught. The witness did manage to capture a photo of the two allegedly responsible for painting the words “Evans 16” on one of the area’s rock features. Authorities have released the photo in hopes it will churn up some leads.

National Park Service

Authorities are asking anyone who may have been in the park and seen the people in the photo to contact the NPS. Or, if you recognize who the people are.

“You don’t have to tell us who you are, but please tell us what you know,” the NPS said in a press release.

Tips can be called in 888-653-009. There is also the options to send tips to the NPS through their website, email or Facebook.



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National Park Service Searching for These Suspected Grand Canyon Vandals