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Bison Decline Elk’s Friend Request, Leaves It to Wolves

An elk calf, detached from its herd, tries to find refuge from a hungry wolf in a group of bison. The herd wasn’t as protective as the elk thought they would be. 

It seems like a betrayal of similar species, but when this elk calf attempts to escape a hungry wolf by hiding in a herd of bison, the herd immediately rejects it. These bison quite literally let the elk go to the wolves.

Check out this incredible video from National Geographic.

It seems that the bison herd quickly decided it was either them or the lonely little elk.

As the elk runs into the herd the bison push her right back out, essentially goring her in the process. The wolf quickly moves in, finishing the job.

What an example of symbiotic relationships found in nature! The wolf needs to eat; the bison don’t want to be eaten so they help the wolf take the injured elk calf.

To many, this may seem unfair and cruel. But it really is the circle of life.

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Bison Decline Elk’s Friend Request, Leaves It to Wolves