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National Deer Alliance Sets Out To Be the Voice of the Deer Hunter

The National Deer Alliance will be a hunting advocacy program for the digital age.

There's no doubt that North America's favorite game animal is the deer. We hunt them all over, from Utah muleys to Iowa whitetails, and even moose in Maine. But the differences in location, culture, terrain and understanding keep us from truly uniting as a powerful force that will be heard by each other, legislators, anti-hunters and those on the fence about how they feel when it comes to killing game animals.

Now, with the introduction of the National Deer Alliance (NDA), things may be changing.

The NDA will aim to be a unification of deer hunters, managers and stakeholders to aim for positive outcomes for deer populations and hunting opportunities.

In essence, the NDA's mission is to ensure the future of North America's wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting heritage.

The association had an official kick off at the Quality Deer Management Association's (QDMA) annual convention in Athens, Georgia. Early Thursday, QDMA CEO Brian Murphy officially unveiled the NDA's plans. From the NDA's Twitter account came this:

With support from the Archery Trade Association, GrowingDeer.TV and a herd of other deer enthusiasts, the NDA hopes to change the way hunters collaborate, connect and achieve results for good.

The NDA says there are almost 11 million deer hunters in North America, but a paltry one percent belong to some sort of conservation group. Other game species like turkeys and ducks see better ratios, and it's time something was done about that.

The time is now, as the NDA puts together plans to help protect the future of hunting in a period that's seeing more challenges facing deer hunters than ever before.

Instead of passively sitting by and losing the heritage of their sport, the NDA is helping hunters take action and dictate their own future.

To join the National Deer Hunting Alliance, which is free, click the orange button at the top of their homepage.

Will you join the National Deer Alliance? What do you expect out of joining a group like this?

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National Deer Alliance Sets Out To Be the Voice of the Deer Hunter