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NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Talks Hunting

NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer talks hunting and how it allows him to get away from his hectic work schedule and into the woods.

NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer talks hunting and racing and how he loves to get back into the woods to slow the pace down and pursue some game.

Clint’s life is dedicated to competition and he can be seen working the circuit and making his Chevy do some amazing things on the track. With this racing there is also a grueling work schedule and grind that lies behind the glamour and big show of NASCAR racing.

Hunting clearly allows this professional some much needed downtime and he likes nothing better than hunting deer, or in this case, Canadian moose.

Having a well-known athlete and celebrity speak thoughtfully about hunting provides a great example for the outdoors community. He provides positive press coverage that helps keep non-hunters supporting our much loved outdoor pursuits.

If you enjoy watching the thunder of NASCAR why not pick a guy who loves to hunt and get outdoors as much as you. Be sure to check out HScott Motorsports, and follow Clint Bowyer as he competes in his No. 15 5-hour ENERGY® Chevrolet in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.


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NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Talks Hunting