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Lucky Deer Narrowly Escapes Explosion [VIDEO]

narrow escape lucky deer

Talk about close calls, this is one narrow escape for one lucky deer.

Most of the time when you think of lucky deer and narrow escapes your mind instantly goes to hunting encounters, maybe even a narrow escape from a collision with a vehicle, but usually not an explosion.

This lucky deer avoided an explosion and just managed a narrow escape for its life.

Watch closely and pay attention to the lucky deer in the middle of the screen.

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The other, perhaps smarter, deer ran off to safety at the sound of the blast-warning buzzer.

While the lucky deer in the middle didn’t quite get the message, it still managed a narrow escape thanks to its quick reflexes.

Makes for a great video and its good to see that this lucky deer live on to see another day.

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Lucky Deer Narrowly Escapes Explosion [VIDEO]