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Namibia Just Banned Wildlife Hunting Bans

Namibia Just Banned Hunting Bans
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The position of the government of Namibia is clear: hunting is here to stay and it will fight any attempt to ban or restrict hunting in the country.

In another bit of welcome news for the hunting community, Namibia is refusing to cave to pressure from anti-hunting activists. Not only did the government reject calls for any ban or restriction on hunting in the country, but the government will also actively promote trophy hunting and communicate all of the benefits of hunting for conservation.

According to Information Minister Tjekero Tweya:

[The] Cabinet directed the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to actively campaign against any attempt to ban or restrict hunting and the export of wildlife products from Namibia… [The] Cabinet took note that a code of conduct for conservation hunting is being developed, accompanied by improvements in the regulation of hunting and strengthening the link between hunting and conservation

Namibia attracted the ire of anti-hunting activists after Corey Knowlton purchased a permit to hunt the endangered Black Rhinoceros for $350,000 at a Dallas Safari Club auction in January 2014. The rhino was an old male past breeding age and the vast majority of the money paid to hunt it went to fund conservation efforts in Namibia. However, the event still attracted condemnation from people all over the world.

It is good to hear that, in the face of all that criticism, Namibia doubled down on their pro-hunting and pro-conservation stance. This is great news for hunters as well as for wildlife populations in the country. For a detailed description on how trophy hunting benefits conservation, watch this excellent video by Shane Mahoney.

At least for the foreseeable future, Namibia and trophy hunting in Africa will continue to be linked. Nice work!

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Namibia Just Banned Wildlife Hunting Bans