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The Myths and Realities of Blaze Orange for Hunting

Blaze orange for safety and hunting: does it tip off big game?

This is an ongoing debate, but more and more research has been done on the subject, and this tutorial from "Down Under" may help answer some of those questions.

Have a look at this video from Australia where they talk to some of the scientific realities and myths of wearing blaze orange for hunting with some pretty neat Australian landscapes and animals thrown in.

In my region, it's regulated that a hunter must wear blaze orange for deer during rifle season. The safety aspects of blaze orange are obvious, but I have always pondered the pros and cons of blaze orange and if it tips deer off to your presence.

Safety alone is a good reason for wearing it, as the statistics prove, but this video helps put my mind more at ease that the deer will not detect me because of blaze orange. A hunter during rifle season should concentrate on scent control, reducing movement while still hunting, and not worry as much about blaze orange as a giveaway.

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The Myths and Realities of Blaze Orange for Hunting